Quality through specialisation


GHP’s strategy is to grow through a healthy mix of organic growth, acquisitions, start-ups and innovative concepts. The key concepts in achieving this are “Quality through specialization” and “Benefit to society”. GHP’s clinics should be have unsurpassed quality in their specialty and they should be leaders in terms of cost per course of care.

GHP Norden

In the Nordic Region the strategy is based on running decentralised specialty clinics as a partnership. An important element in achieving this is to have forceful leaders who understand the dynamics involved and have the tools to develop the business.

GHP Vårdsamverkan

In Vårdsamverkan GHP creates, prices and ensures coordinated care chains. This is done by means of GHP’s high-quality clinics, contractual relationships with insurance companies and innovative strength. The aim is that this will make GHP the number one choice for insurance companies who wish to guarantee high quality and service while keeping costs down.

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