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Acquisition of shares in GHP Gastro Center Skåne AB and directed share issue

GHP Specialy Care (publ) AB (“GHP”) has today acquired 15 percent of the shares in the subsidiary GHP Gastro Center Skåne AB from Christer Staël von Holstein. After the acquisition GHP owns 100 percent of the shares in the subsidiary.

The entire purchase price of SEK 12,424,629 was paid in the form of 1,016,072 newly issued shares in GHP. The aim of the new share issue and the reason for deviating from shareholders’ preferential rights is to finance the acquisition of the shares in GHP Gastro Center Skåne AB. The subscription price amounted to SEK 12.23 per new share, which in the assessment of the Board corresponds to the market value of the share. The newly issued shares correspond to 1.45 percent of the capital and the votes in GHP. The Board decided to proceed with the share issue on 22 April 2020 in line with the authorisation obtained at the Annual General Meeting held on 24 April 2019. After the share issue, GHP’s share capital amounts to SEK 70,256,949 divided up into 70,256,949 shares.

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