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What is GHP Vårdsamverkan?

GHP Vårdsamverkan is GHP's unique collaboration with insurance companies whereby GHP takes overall responsibility for the good health of a whole population and the associated costs. By taking a holistic approach, a higher level of quality, service and cost effectiveness can be achieved.

GHP Vårdsamverkan is the business area for strategic collaboration with insurance companies whereby GHP takes overall responsibility for a population. In the collaboration with Trygg-Hansa, for example, GHP ensures that all of Trygg-Hansa's insurance customers with joint and muscular problems are given optimal yet cost-effective care. This focus enables GHP to invest in preventive solutions, develop clinical pathways and adapt new technology to the care process. To demonstrate how this focus allows GHP to achieve considerably better and more efficient care, we have produced a film that exemplifies how a patient with a shoulder injury is treated with a traditional care approach, and compared this with how we work at GHP Vårdsamverkan. Please have a look at this film: https://youtu.be/tgQCGt_-PT8

As can be seen from the example in the film, there are considerable opportunities for improvement when insurance companies and care providers work more closely together. GHP is currently developing solutions that will support the new ways of working. This includes the development/implementation of health-promoting apps, digital intelligent questionnaires for patients, the coordination of systems whereby patients' medical information is available for all care providers in the care chain, and a data warehouse that enables continuous development. The various systems are usually purchased and further developed in cooperation with subcontractors. It is the sum of all these systems and how GHP, as a care provider, can ensure that the systems and knowledge really benefit patients in practice that is unique for GHP Vårdsamverkan.

GHP Vårdsamverkan now has net sales of approximately SEK 100 million per annum and this means that approximately 10% of GHP's net sales are based on population responsibility rather than remuneration per measure taken.

15 October 2018
GHP Specialty Care AB (publ)

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