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GHP invests in Qurant Företagshälsa

GHP continues to develop its offering within business area Vårdsamverkan to reach more customers and patients. There are plenty of opportunities to develop healthcare in close collaboration with insurance companies and occupational health companies to create holistic and complete solutions. As part of this strategi, GHP and the principal owner of Qurant Företagshälsa AB, Tomsund Invest AB, entered an agreement in which GHP invests in the continuous development of the product and joint services.

Qurant’s business model, which builds on modern and digital occupational health, suits very well to combine with GHP Vårdsamverkan’s unique model of mediating effective healthcare to large patient groups. Both Qurant and GHP Vårdsamverkan represents a new approach to deliver healthcare to the company-financed segment of the market. Through this partnership the two organisations can together develop new services and exciting synergies can arise. At the same time GHP establishes yet another way to deliver our products, says Daniel Öhman, CEO at GHP.

The transaction will not have any significant impact on GHP’s financial results 2021.

About GHP Vårdsamverkan:
GHP Vårdsamverkan is the segment where we take complete responsibility for a whole populations’ health outcomes and costs. Through a holistic approach, rather than being one part of the chain, can higher quality, service and cost efficiency be achieved. Also, it allows for working better with preventive care and digital solutions.

About Qurant Företagshälsa AB:
Qurant offers a modern and innovative occupational health that focuses on the employees and their health. Qurant has a total and complete perspective on occupational health, and offers an effective and digital solution for managing sick-leave and employee health administration that collects all health cases, health status and health data in one place. HR departments can easily get an understanding of the current health status, which allows for systematic monitoring of the working environment and employees can be supported with the right interventions at the right time.

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