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GHP implements measures to strengthen its position during the crisis and withdraws the proposal concerning dividend

The crisis that has hit society can lead to many unforeseen events. In order to increase its preparedness and flexibility, GHP is withdrawing the previously communicated proposal for a dividend of SEK 0.30 per share.

The ongoing outbreak of coronavirus has so far not led to any major decline in GHP’s business. However, the Board still wants GHP to be ready for many different scenarios and is therefore cancelling the previously communicated proposal for a dividend of SEK 0.30 per share. Furthermore, in order to maximise flexibility in the time ahead, the Board intends to propose that the Annual General Meeting authorise the Board to issue new shares corresponding to up to 20% of the company’s total number of shares.

“In the worsening crisis in society, GHP is doing everything it can to help. We have an ongoing dialogue with the major regions about how we can best support them in this difficult period and are able to relieve the strain on them. In general, we are planning for all the different scenarios that may arise.

Financially, the corona outbreak has so far had a limited impact on GHP’s revenues. Looking ahead, however, it is difficult to know how things will develop and today’s decision gives GHP a financial flexibility that may be needed in the future. This may be to manage major disturbances in our operations but also to be ready to go on the front foot when the crisis is over.

Even though it is difficult to predict what will happen in the near future, we know that this is a transient crisis. Irrespective of what the financial position is when the virus crisis is over, we feel secure in the knowledge that we operate in a field where there is great demand in all phases of the economic cycle,” says Daniel Öhman, CEO.

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