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GHP collaborates with Avonova on their new health care insurance initiative and takes responsibility for the coordination of care, provider network, and expenditure

Avonova and GHP has, within the previously announced partnership agreement, created a joint and holistic offer to customers in need of both occupational health and healthcare. The service offering will be packaged as a healthcare insurance marketed by Avonova. GHP will take full responsibility for the quality, cost, and the delivery of care for the somatic part of the healthcare insurance, which means that GHP will take full responsibility for all healthcare except for psychological care.
“The partnership further strengthens our position as an ecosystem actor in the healthcare industry. Our approach to systematically focus on analysis of big data and to develop innovative and efficient care chains has now enabled us to offer Avonova a very competitive solution that meets their ambitions to offer a healthcare insurance.”, says Ludvig Dalemar, Business Area Manager GHP Vårdsamverkan.
To ensure the delivery, GHP Vårdsamverkan will coordinate the care of patients with its own staff and triage logic to both GHP Norden and external high-quality healthcare providers within all specialty areas throughout Sweden. A successful delivery is dependent on systematic development of care in close collaboration with partners. This, in combination with using smart and efficient digital solutions throughout the patient’s journey will lead to innovative and appreciated health services.

Avonova’s health care insurance will be offered to the market from 9 August 2021. It is not expected to have any significant impact on GHP’s financial results 2021.

For more information about the healthcare insurance, please visit www.avonova.se/sjukvardsforsakring. 

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