Quality through specialisation


GHP’s growth targets and margin targets remain unchanged

With reference to the press release previously sent out during the day regarding the termination of GHP's agreement in the United Arab Emirates, we hereby clarify that the Group's overall goal to achieve an average organic growth of 15% per year over a three-year period and to achieve an EBIT margin of at least 7%, remain unchanged.
GHP has a very solid core business with over 20 leading clinics in the Nordic region. We see a great demand for high-quality specialist healthcare, which means that we continue the successful work of expanding our network of Nordic clinics, while at Vårdsamverkan we develop new, modern forms of collaboration for the insurance company market and occupational health care. The termination of our agreement in the United Arab Emirates next year does not affect our goal of high growth and strengthened profit margins, says Daniel Öhman, CEO of GHP.
For those of you who want to know more about what the changes around SKMCA mean, GHP invites you to a conference call tomorrow, 13/9, at 13.00. More information on how to join the conference call will be available on GHP's IR page tomorrow, no later than at 11.00.

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