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GHP signs agreement with Bliwa to take full responsibility for its health insurance

Bliwa and GHP have today signed an agreement to manage Bliwa’s health insurance. This means that GHP will take full responsibility for the quality, cost, and delivery of care for all parts of the health insurance for Bliwa’s customers, while Bliwa keeps full responsibility as the insurance provider.

“The fact that a reputable insurance company as Bliwa, chooses us as its complete supplier and partner for its health insurance is something that we are very proud of. We look forward to continue to develop the product together with Bliwa. This agreement confirms that GHP Solutions can offer high quality and cost-effective services to insurance companies.” says Ludvig Dalemar, Business Area Manager GHP Solutions.

In order to offer Bliwa and Bliwa’s customers high-quality healthcare services, GHP Solutions will use their own personnel and triage logic to coordinate and refer patients to both GHP Focus and external providers, in all specialties across Sweden. A successful health service will be based on a systematic effort to improve the delivery of care and to foster close collaboration with partners.

“This is an important step in our strategic efforts towards a continued high level of personal service in combination with an even stronger digital customer experience. In GHP, we get a partner with core competence in healthcare. Together with GHP, we will be able to offer an even more attractive health insurance.” says Tua Holgersson, CEO at Bliwa.

In financial terms, the turnover of GHP Solutions is expected to increase by about 50 MSEK annually. Approximately 10% of this turnover is already in GHP’s clinics today and is expected to increase due to the agreement. Hence, the agreement is an important step to meet GHP’s financial target to, on average over a three-year period, achieve 15 percent organic growth per year. The agreement is expected to have a limited positive effect on GHP’s financial result in 2022. At the signing of the agreement the start date is not decided, but will occur in Q2/Q3 2022.

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