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GHP acquires Hudcentrum Hagastaden 

GHP has acquired the well-reputed skin clinic Hudcentrum Hagastaden as part of the process of strengthening and broadening GHP’s position in Stockholm. The acquisition broadens GHP’s business in the field of dermatology, after having started a skin clinic in Malmö during 2018. Dermatology is an important diagnostic area for medical care in Stockholm financed by both County Councils and insurance companies.

Hudcentrum Hagastaden investigates and treats most skin conditions. It is one of the major skin clinics in Stockholm and has good expansion potential. The clinic, which is led by the CEO, Johan Heilborn, was started in 2012 and is well positioned in Hagastaden at the rapidly growing Life City medical cluster.

“Johan Heilborn is an entrepreneurial and quality-oriented CEO who will fit in well at GHP and we see Hudcentrum Hagastaden as a platform in order to establish a leading position in the field of dermatology in Stockholm,” says Max van Eijk, Business Area Manager for GHP in Stockholm.

“I look forward to taking the next step in Hudcentrum’s development together with GHP. There are many exciting opportunities for us to develop the business together and grow in the field of dermatology,” says Johan Heilborn, CEO at GHP Hudcentrum.

The acquisition of Hudcentrum Hagastaden is expected to have a positive but not significant impact on GHP’s results for 2019.

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