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GHP Kirurgkliniken to take over operating theatres at Sophiahemmet

Aleris Operationcentrum has operated the operating theatres at Sophiahemmet, where GHP Kirurgkliniken over time has become the biggest producer of surgical procedures. In good agreement, GHP Kirurgkliniken will by the turn of the year take over the premisis contract as well as the whole operation, including staff and equipment. The transition comes with great advantages for GHP Kirurgkliniken, such as increased capacity and flexibility, a fully integrated surgery process and improved resilience. It will be a smooth and collaborative transition without any impact on production.

- We have been very pleased with our partnership with Aleris, but we look forward to the opportunity to run our own operating theatres as an integrated part of GHP Kirurgkliniken, says Gunnar Ahlberg, CEO at GHP Kirurgkliniken.

The take over means that GHP holds the premisis contract for two new operating theatres in Stockholm, whereof approximately 50% of the capacity already was used by GHP.

The new operating theatres will not have any significant impact on GHP’s financial results.

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