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GHP begins collaboration with Doctrin

GHP is taking further steps to strengthen its position as an innovative health care provider focusing on quality. A new initiative in digital access to health care will enable GHP to make health care processes more efficient, increase quality and above all improve patients' experience of health care.

GHP has begun collaboration regarding digital retrieval of patients' medical records so as to be able to continue to develop our innovative and high-quality offering in GHP Vårdsamverkan. This collaboration is the latest step in our work on focusing on quality outcomes and entire care chains so that we can achieve considerable improvements in health care by working in new ways and with new technology.

In order to make this step in the company's development, GHP is collaborating with the company Doctrin. Using this service, patients submit information about their medical needs in a digital tool. This tool is based on an extensive medical algorithm that gathers information about patients' medical records in a structured and dynamic fashion. On the basis of this information GHP develops and optimizes care chains. The first step is to focus on each patient receiving the right level of care as quickly as possible through intelligent planning of health care. In time the focus will shift to combining medical records with the availability of resources and quality outcomes so as to continuously develop care chains in order to achieve higher quality and efficiency.

"The introduction of improved digital medical records is the latest part of our strategy in Vårdsamverkan of being a strategic and innovative collaboration partner with the insurance companies. The collaboration with Doctrin is a good match for our digital strategy and identifies innovative solutions that ensure high medical quality in patients' encounter with health care. By combining data from this tool with the other data in our information bank, such as data from our follow-up of the availability of resources and quality outcomes, we can develop in a very exciting direction," says Daniel Öhman.

In addition to the collaboration with Doctrin, GHP's digital portfolio includes apps for doctor's appointments via video, digital physiotherapy exercises, systems for following the availability of resources and systems for following up quality.

The collaboration with Doctrin is not expected to have a significant impact on GHP's results for 2018.

28 June 2018

GHP Specialty Care AB (publ)

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