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GHP establishes clinic in Gothenburg with two new operating theatres

GHP's target is to grow organically by 15 percent per year and to have the leading clinics in the specialty areas requested by the insurance companies. GHP now invests in establishing a new clinic in Gothenburg that will focus on general surgery, urology and gastroenterology. With leading specialists, two new operating theatres and out-patient facilities, GHP will substantially increase its capacity and offering.

GHP Gastro Center Gothenburg will open in March 2022 with the ambition of becoming leading, both in terms of quality and size, in Västra Götalandsregionen. The clinic will be attractively located with out-patient clinic initially in Annedal, where GHP Ortho Center Göteborg also is located. The surgery department with two fully equipped operating theatres will be located in Högsbo, in the same building as GHP Spine Center Göteborg.

CEO for the new clinic is Mattias Block, a reputable colorectal surgeon with many years’ experience from Sahlgrenska University Hospital where he has been head of the colorectal department at Östra Sjukhuset over the past seven years.

“GHP’s objective is to have a complete offering in the specialties requested by insurance companies. With this investment, GHP becomes a complete provider of general surgery, urology and gastroenterology in the three metropolitan regions. Starting this clinic, together with Mattias Block and leading collegues, as well as with GHP’s well-proven methods for establishment and development, gives us the best possible prerequisites from start.” says Terese Sandberg, Head of Operational Intelligence and Communication at GHP.

Experienced specialists in general surgery, urology and gastroenterology will be employed at the clinic, which already from start has a contract with Västra Götalandsregionen within urology.

“By focusing on new clinics in specialities where we know there is a great demand, and with leading specialists, we can assure the right culture and focus from start and thus, establish leading clinics, attractive workplaces and create significant shareholder values.” says Daniel Öhman, CEO at GHP.

The clinic is expected to have slightly negative impact on GHP’s financial result in 2022, and limited impact on the financial result in 2023.

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