Quality through specialisation


GHP opens Medicinskt Centrum in Gothenburg

GHP is broadening its offering in Gothenburg by opening GHP Medicinskt Centrum Göteborg. The clinic is staffed with experienced specialist doctors and concentrates on conditions in the general and internal medicine field with a focus on patients with healthcare insurance.
“We are pleased to complement GHP's already wide range with more specialties at our newly opened medical clinic”, says Linda Landén, Specialist in Internal Medicine & CEO of GHP Medicinskt Centrum Göteborg.
”This start-up covers a gap we have previously had in our offering in Gothenburg and we are taking another step towards a complete network of leading clinics for the company-funded healthcare”, says Daniel Öhman, CEO of GHP
The establishment is not expected to have any significant impact on GHP's financial results in 2021.

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