Quality through specialisation


GHP's partnership with Skandia for better healthcare continues

After a tendering process, GHP has earned Skandia's trust to continue the unique partnership for spine, shoulder, and hip patients in Stockholm. The goal is to further enhance healthcare for Skandia's insured customers through an even more interlinked care chain within GHP's business area Vårdsamverkan.

“GHP will continue to be responsible for directing injured patients to the appropriate specialist, and that the patient is taken care of until examination or treatment is completed. GHP’s good results and work with care chains is why we chose to extend the partnership.”, says Anneli Ström, Manager Vårdgivarnätverket at Skandia.

In Sweden, GHP is one of the biggest private actors in specialist care, and the provided care will be monitored through measuring both customer satisfaction and medical outcomes. The partnership applies to policyholders living in Stockholm’s Län with spine, shoulder or hip injuries.

“This type of partnerships allows us to focus on interlinked care chains and to keep the patient journey together. Our efforts to combine data driven analytics and a close collaboration with our clinical experts implies good medical outcomes and efficient care processes. This holistic approach is beneficial for all parties.”, says Ludvig Dalemar, Business Area Manager GHP Vårdsamverkan.

Skandia is one of the biggest providers of healthcare insurances in Sweden. Apart from healthcare insurances, Skandia also provide preventive healthcare in its health insurance.

The agreement to continue the partnership is written for two years with the option to extend further. The continued partnership will not have any significant impact on GHP’s financial results.

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