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Guidelines for Remuneration

Guidelines for Remuneration

Guidelines for the determination of fees and other remuneration to GHP Specialty Care AB (publ):s senior management

GHP Specialty Care AB (publ) (the company) shall aim to offer total remuneration that is reasonable and competitive within the market in which the company is operative. The remuneration conditions shall reflect the principle of “pay in line with performance” and vary in relation to the performance of the individual and the results of the company. The total remuneration can consist of an annual basic salary and remuneration from incentive programmes.

Basic salary and remuneration

The annual basic salary (”basic salary”) shall constitute the basis of the total remuneration for the company’s senior management. The salary shall be competitive in the relevant market and reflect the responsibility that the work entails. Salary levels shall be reviewed regularly (normally via the annual salary evaluation) in order to ensure continuing competitiveness and to reward individual performance.

According to the principle of “pay in line with performance” remuneration from different forms of incentive programmes can constitute an important part of the total remuneration for the company’s senior management. Such remuneration may be offered both for short-term performance objectives (up to 1 year) and for long-term performance objectives(3 years or longer).

Performance can be measured both against financial and non-financial objectives. Financial objectives shall consist of value-creation at Group level, as well as other financial objectives. Non-financial objectives shall focus on factors in accordance with the company’s strategic plans.

Other variable remuneration may be approved by the Board under extraordinary circumstances, provided that such extraordinary arrangements have the aim of recruiting or retaining personnel. Furthermore, such extraordinary arrangements that have the aim of retaining personnel shall contain performance objectives. Extraordinary arrangments with the aim of recruiting may contain such objectives.

Insurable benefits

Old age pension, sickness benefits and medical benefits shall be designed so that they reflect rules and common practice. Pension schemes shall as far as possible be defined contribution plans.

Other benefits

Other benefits can be granted to individual members or to the company’s entire senior management. These benefits shall not constitute a significant part of the total remuneration.

Deviations from the guidelines

The Board shall be authorized to deviate from these guidelines if there are special reasons for doing so in individual cases.

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