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Election Committee

Election Committee

According to the decision at the Annual General Meeting 2020, GHP Specialty Care AB (publ) (GHP) shall have a nomination committee consisting of the Chairman of the Board and one representative from each of the three largest owners who wish to elect a representative. The nomination committee shall be inaugurated based on ownership statistic from Euroclear Sweden AB as of the last day of September 2020.

The following have been appointed as members of GHP’s nomination committee for the Annual General Meeting 2021:

Thomas Eriksson, representing Metroland BVBA
Emil Hjalmarsson, representing Grenspecialisten Förvaltning AB
Carl Palmstierna, representing Johan Wachtmeister incl. companies
Carsten Browall, Chairman of the Board in GHP Specialty Care AB (publ)

The Annual General Meeting of GHP Specialty Care AB (publ) will be held on 29 April 2021 in Gothenburg.

Shareholders who would like to submit proposals to the Election Committee can do so via e-mail: info@ghp.se (”To the Election Committee”) or by mail to: GHP Specialty Care AB, Att: Election Committee, Södra Hamngatan 45, SE-411 06 Gothenburg, Sweden, by 31 January 2021 at the latest.

The Chairman of the Election Committee shall, unless the members of the Election Committee agree otherwise, be the committee member who represents the largest shareholder in terms of voting rights. According to the Code the Election Committee shall consist of at least three members, of whom one shall be appointed Chairman.

The majority of the members of the Election Committee shall be independent of the company and senior management. The CEO and other members of the company’s senior management team may not be members of the Election Committee. Members of the Board may be Election Committee members but may not then constitute a majority.

The Chairman of the Board or any other member of the Board may not be the Chairman of the Election Committee. At least one of the Election Committee members shall be independent of the company’s largest shareholders in terms of voting rights or any such group of shareholders that has a long-term common position with regard to the governance of the company. If more than one member of the Board belongs to the Election Committee, at least one of these must be independent of major company shareholders.

The Election Committee shall issue recommendations with regard to the election of the Chairman of the Board, members of the Board and the auditor, and a recommendation with regard to a fee for the Chairman of the Board and the members of the Board, as well as for remuneration for committee work and the auditor’s fee. The proposals are to be presented in the notice of the Annual General Meeting and on GHP’s website.

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