Quality through specialisation

We make a difference

GHP is a Swedish care provider that through focused specialist clinics and unique care data contributes to higher quality of care. Comprehensive data across the care chain enables us to address individuals' problems at an earlier stage and to ensure the right care at the right time. Our specialist clinics - which each focuses on a single diagnostic area - have all the competence needed to meet the patient's needs. Without having to look any further. We call it "Quality through specialization". A proven approach that we are constantly continuing to develop.






% Share improved after hernia surgery


% patient satisfaction within inpatient care Ortho/Spine

Our clinics and units

Our philosophy, that the highest quality is achieved through specialisation, has resulted in us currently having 25 clinics in different specialty areas in the Nordic Region alone. Please read more about our clinics and their specialty areas on their respective web pages.

Work with us!

Our clinics should be attractive workplaces for professional health care personnel who want to conduct and develop world-class care. We want to be able to offer our employees a workplace where they have the opportunity to work with the best in their field.

Making a difference 

We always aim to carry out work of the finest calibre, achieve the best results and deliver an experience of superb quality. We are a Swedish health care Group that wants to be best and we want to be of true benefit to people.

Quality through specialisation 

This means that everyone working in the businesses is an expert in problems that their patient group has. Our clinics focus on a particular patient group and this results in greater quality, efficiency and patient safety. We call this “Quality through specialisation”.

Benefit to society in everything we do

This way of working means that each clinic has very great experience in its own particular specialty and this in turn leads to great professional skill in that specific area.

We contribute to sustainable development. We continuously evaluate our social, economic and environmental impact and work actively to make even more difference.

Latest news

GHP signs agreement with Bliwa to take full responsibility for its health insurance2021-12-16 Read more GHP brings in partners to its diabetes care efforts in Saudi Arabia2021-12-03 In September, GHP announced that it will accelerate the strategic option to find a partner and additional owner in its project in Saudi Arabia to deconsolidate its ownership over time. GHP has now entered an agreement with Dag Andersson and Robert Ball which means that the diabetes care efforts in Saudi Arabia will be operated in a new company, where GHP owns 49% and the remaining 51% is owned by Dag Andersson and Robert Ball. In relation to this, Dag Andersson will leave his role as board member in GHP Specialty Care AB, and will instead become chairman of the board in the new company. Read more

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