Quality through specialisation

How we serve our partners

Healthcare Operations & Management

GHP International has operated and managed healthcare units since 2008. We have the experience and expertise to lead and develop healthcare units through all phases of operations and in any clinical area.

GHP can support in design phases and optimization of clinical master plans to secure that hospitals do not only meet standards but promotes efficient flow-based care-delivery by design. GHP can also deliver the seamless commissioning phases, such as ensuring that project management, IT/IS, equipment, staffing, policies, guidelines, processes and supplies are in place to facilitate smooth, coordinated and patient safe start-up of operations. We help our partners meet all needs for credentialing, licensing and external accreditations.

In the operational phases GHP Internationals experience in managing both clinical and operational aspects help us secure that all our partners needs are met. Our holistic management and governance systems enable us to meet world-leading levels of patient safe and financially viable services.

Bespoke solutions

Together with our partners we also provide bespoke solutions where GHP take on roles based on the client’s individual needs. Our vast experience of both operating and owning hospitals, developing healthcare policy and working in close collaboration with insurance providers and governments allow us to provide solutions adapted to our clients needs.

Healthcare consulting

Due to our long experience of establishing, operating and innovating delivery in healthcare entities as well as working with all stakeholders in the healthcare continuum we have extensive insight to help our partners further their healthcare agendas with our help.

GHP International can support clients to make feasibility analysis, operational excellence projects or to advise and benchmark healthcare policy and remuneration systems. Our internal network of clinical, financial, legal and educational competences provide us with the capability to provide a holistic perspective.

As in our own operations and management, we provide advisory services for governments, insurance providers and healthcare providers.

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