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We bring Swedish health care abroad

GHP's international branch operates health care together with world-leading partners in public and private sectors. Through our long Swedish and international experience, we implement world-class health care and contribute to the development of local health care systems. GHP implements a dedicated and experienced leadership that creates an improved patient safety culture, develops local competence and ensures a higher health care quality and efficiency. We export “quality through specialisation” and social benefit through the establishment of ’Centers of Excellence’.

Development of local competence

Through management of local health care professionals and high focus on training and education, GHP transfers knowledge that strengthens the local competence. We implement a permissive leadership where everyone is encouraged to report incidents and deviations. In this way we create a culture with improved patient safety and where we learn from our mistakes. We also provide staff with tools to make every part of the business more efficient, which leads to better use of resources.

GHP works closely with academia and private and public actors. Our hospital projects have ambitious programs where all staff undergo continuous training and education. We also have exchange programs between GHP International and GHP's Nordic clinics.

An ambitious sustainability agenda

GHP conducts an active and ambitious sustainability work. Within GHP International, we have central resources in the region that work with sustainability issues and all our health care projects have sustainability working groups that continuously work with issues related to human rights, labour rights, the environment and anti-corruption. GHP follows the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, which means that we for example perform ongoing due diligences as an integral part of our operations. It gives us tools to, above and beyond our fundamental mission to deliver high-quality health care, contribute to sustainable development wherever we operate. If necessary, we draw from external expertise to better understand how we can make even more difference.

Health Care Management & Operations

GHP International has operated and managed healthcare units since 2008. We have the experience and expertise to lead and develop healthcare units through all phases of operations and in any clinical area.

Long experience, lasting results

GHP established in the Gulf region because we saw an opportunity to make difference within the high prevalence of diabetes. Research often shows that every fifth person in the region suffers from type II diabetes. In 2008, GHP took over the management and operation of 'The Rashid Center for Diabetes and Research' (RCDR) in Ajman, an Emirate in the United Arab Emirates. The hospital quickly developed into a national reference center with the help of GHP's intellectual and structural capital. RCDR has about 55,000 patient visits annually and the center's diabetes laboratory is ranked as one of the world's leading.

In 2016, GHP was commissioned to lead and operate the entire Sheikh Khalifa Medical City Ajman (SKMCA), which in addition to RCDR consists of two general hospitals and one women's and children's hospital. SKMCA has the northern Emirate's largest emergency and trauma center with over 120,000 emergency patients annually. In total, the hospital group has about 250,000 visits per year in the 300-bed facility. GHP manages over 1,200 hospital employees, from over 50 different nationalities. The hospital is accredited by JCI, provides advanced care in several areas, reaches leading outcomes for its patients and is managed by a number of Swedish health care professionals.

Since 2019, GHP is responsible for the management and operation of Kuwait Hospital in Kuwait City. It is a private hospital consisting of approximately 150 beds and will be opened in 2020.

Swedish care in the international setting

GHP International aims to spread ‘Quality through specialization’ beyond GHP’s own clinics, we have a proven ability to be trusted advisors and realizing value to both public and private sector stakeholders.

We provide a one-stop shop to both private and public actors in any role in the healthcare continuum – from regulators and insurers, to clinicians and investors.

We live and breathe the stewardship culture of Swedish healthcare, which has a long tradition of delivering high quality, economically viable healthcare, based on a collaborative and meritocratic culture. GHP International model of ‘Quality through specialization’ attracts leading clinicians and creates excellent patient outcomes as we empower our clinical staff to work towards a common goal.

The GHP network of partners, clinicians and academia means that we can meet the needs of our clients better and provide bespoke solutions in any geography.

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