Quality through specialisation

GHP Focus

Quality through specialization

GHP Focus is our specialist clinics that each focuses on a single ​​diagnostic area - such as orthopedics, spinal surgery or urology - which leads to higher quality, efficiency and patient satisfaction. Each clinic has all the competence needed to meet the patient's needs, without having to look any further. It includes consultation, physiotherapy, surgery or therapy.

By focusing on few procedures, we have over time succeeded in raising our quality and reducing the risk of reoperation. Today we have about 25 specialist clinics that are focused on patients with problems in the following areas: orthopedics, spinal surgery, obesity, cardiology, gastroenterology and intestines as well as neurological, proctological and urological disorders. In addition, GHP Focus runs specialist clinics for sports medicine and specialist dental care.

Moving the care that does not need the acute hospital’s resources to specialized clinics is the best way to increase the quality and efficiency of Swedish health care. By staffing these clinics with expertise from different professional groups, we can solve all the problems that patient group has.

GHP International

Since July 2019, GHP is responsible for management and operation of Kuwait Hospital, a 150-bed private hospital in the Messila region of Kuwait City. The hospital will be opened in 2020 and it will eventually cover a variety of medical specialities. The hospital will be staffed with a range of senior professionals and physicians with international experience, as well as Kuwaiti citizens with local experience.

Swedish health care has lots to contribute with in the Kuwaiti market. GHP implements high quality, both clinically and administratively, and efficient processes as well as a focus on the entire care chain. Through our experience in the Gulf and the Nordic region, GHP exports "quality through specialisation" and societal benefit through the establishment of highly specialized clinics within the hospitals, "Centers of Excellence".

Our clinics and units

Our philosophy, that the highest quality is achieved through specialisation, has resulted in us currently having about 25 clinics in different specialty areas in the Nordic Region alone. Please read more about our clinics and their specialty areas on their respective web pages.


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