Quality through specialisation


GHP has a flexible organisation, with independent clinics supported by a small head office organisation. Coordination and the exchange of knowledge are regular features of a number of selected areas.

Our aim is that our clinics shall be attractive workplaces for hard-working healthcare professionals who want to run and develop world-class care. The decentralised structure creates precisely this positive work climate, where good examples are noticed and where the employees feel important due to the fact that they enjoy a large portion of involvement and influence. None of our units have more than three hierarchical levels, which gives everyone the opportunity to have a direct dialogue with senior management and means that good ideas can be put into practice quickly.

So as to be able to create the best clinics, we also believe that medical knowledge should be linked to responsibility for the clinics’ operations. Staff with the greatest knowledge of the specialty and the care related to the specialty must be given great influence over each clinic. It is only then that it can develop optimally and make the necessary decisions. Many of the doctors who want to take extra responsibility for the total development of the clinic’s operations are thus shareholders in their clinic. We call them partners and they often have a seat on the Board of their clinic. This partnership is designed in such a way that it rewards long-term creation of value.

It is crucial for the success of a health care organisation that there is a good cooperative climate between different professional groups and that they speak the same language. Our partnership is an important function here in that partners are involved in and influence decisions at all levels in GHP. We are an organisation that together wants to develop and improve health care.

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