Quality through specialisation

Business Concept and Objective

GHP was started in 2006, with the intention of improving healthcare in Sweden through specialised world-class clinics.

The fundamental idea behind GHP’s business is that elective specialty care is run most efficiently and with the highest quality in focused centres specialising in a particular patient group. This is combined with partnership for leading doctors, decentralisation and collaboration between clinics.

GHP does not operate nursing homes, elderly care or primary health care. Neither does the company run multi-specialised, complex hospital structures, but highly specialised niche clinics. By focusing on the patient’s total health care needs within selected diagnostic areas and tailoring clinics to deliver high volumes, Quality through Specialisation is achieved, along with the conditions for better care.

Our objective is that within our specialties we should be the obvious choice for everyone who is able to choose their health care. We want to grow both within the framework of our existing clinics and through newly established clinics, and also through the acquisition of good clinics that have the same high quality standards as we do.

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