Quality through specialisation


GHP is a Swedish health care provider that strives to develop and to strengthen the quality and social benefits of health care. GHP Focus, our specialist clinics, each focuses on a single diagnostic area, which leads to higher quality, efficiency and patient safety. GHP Solutions, our control and data center, generates comprehensive data that enables a cohesive and efficient care chain.

Through our two business segments, we take a comprehensive approach to health and health care, from preventive measures to rehabilitation.

Thanks to our specialist clinics, we have developed a good understanding of how we can increase both quality and efficiency in specialist care. But a patient's problems often begin much earlier. Over time, we have built up complete data on the care journey that has given us knowledge and means to be able to act earlier and to provide the right care at the right time.

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We always put our patients first and it is their needs that underpin what care is offered. We are accessible, follow the patients throughout the course of treatment and receive each individual person in a positive manner and with great commitment. This inspires great confidence in us and at the end of the day leads to satisfied patients and to us offering good-quality health care.

Today we are a strong option when patients choose a care provider from our different specialties and we see ourselves as an important alternative to public health care. We offer leading specialist competence from the very first time that patients come into contact with health care and these specialists then follow the patient throughout the course of treatment. Irrespective of whether you are a County Council patient, have health care insurance or are paying privately, you are able to seek care at our clinics.

Our clinics are attractive workplaces for specialised staff who are given the opportunity to dedicate themselves to what they are best at. There is an open atmosphere here and decisions can be made quickly, and our more than 400 employees are given constant feedback on their work. The units are run in a decentralised structure where everyone’s efforts are seen, and there are great opportunities to influence the development of the work done.

Research and development

Despite the high level of health care, we constantly want to be better and be at the leading edge of our specialties. We do this, for example, through development and innovation regarding different methods and processes and through training and research. We measure the quality of what we do thoroughly and are transparent and open regarding the results. Not only is there internal collaboration between our own clinics, but we also have external cooperation and projects with primary care, County Councils, universities and the major hospitals.

GHP encourages research and sees it as an important part of development work. Furthermore, it creates interesting workplaces and attracts skilled staff. Doctors at several of our clinics set aside time for research.

We feel a great responsibility for the training of the next generation’s specialists and therefore actively help to find solutions to facilitate this. We have a number of Specialty Training programmes at our clinics and train specialists in spine surgery and orthopaedics, for example.


Since 2006 GHP has been listed on the Stock Exchange. This requires, amongst other things, that we are open about our results. We have nothing to hide and are proud of what we achieve: cost-efficient care of high quality that is profitable for society, for us, and perhaps most important of all – for the individual patient.

Being best at what we do

We constantly measure the quality of what we do. This should permeate all of GHP’s business. We therefore take part in all national quality registers that are available and relevant to the company’s businesses and we actively support the development of open quality registers.We have a sustainable approach to everything we do. We contribute to sustainable development. We continuously evaluate our social, economic and environmental impact and work actively to make even more difference.




  • Improved earnings and strengthened balance sheet, despite negative effect from pandemic
  • GHP strengthens Group management with new executives for the Nordic region and International
  • GHP supports public health in connection with the pandemic
  • Divestment of subsidiaries resulted in a capital gain of SEK 19.8 million
  • GHP Surgery Clinic will have its own operating department at Sophiahemmet


  • Very strong organic growth
  • Investment in new orthopedic day surgery clinic in Stockholm
  • Acquisition of the Hudcentrum Hagastaden and Hudkliniken at Sophiahemmet
  • GHP signs management contract in Kuwait
  • GHP launches two digital pilot projects; "E-Physician & Physio" and "Online consultation with physiotherapist"
  • Recruitment of new business area managers for the Nordic region and International


  • Strong growth and improved results
  • Trygg-Hansa chooses GHP as a total provider for patients with musculoskeletal injuries
  • GHP Spine Center Gothenburg increases capacity
  • Expansion of GHP’s business in Copenhagen
  • Start of new urology operations in Stockholm
  • GHP's first skin clinic established in Skåne
  • Continued investment in business development in the United Arab Emirates
  • GHP and Skandia expand collaboration for better care


  • First operating year of our hospitals in United Arab Emirates
  • Large generation change among our clinic executives
  • Start-up of GHP Care and Health with Tryg Hansa
  • New segment Care collaboration
  • New neurological activity in Gothenburg
  • New treatment offer for obese at the Surgery Clinic
  • Disposal of unprofitable operations in Aarhus and Helsinki
  • Extensive savings programs have been initiated
  • GHP sets new financial targets


  • Acquisition of Urologcentrum in Stockholm.
  • Preparation and start-up of operations in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Clinic in Skåne introduces hand surgery.
  • Study conducted by the Swedish Social Insurance agency shows that GHP's spine clinics in Sweden have the fewest "sick-leave" days after surgery.
  • Positive development of Vårdsamverkan with Skandia.
  • Successful takeover of the management contract for the four hospitals in the United Arab Emirates.
  • CEO and several key positions in the executive comittee are appointed in the United Arab Emirates.
  • New CEO, Björn Zoega, recruited to GHP Stockholm Spine Center.
  • GHP recruits new CFO, Philip Delborn and Tobias Linebäck is appointed Director of GHP International.


  • GHP extends management contract in United Arab Emirates.
  • Swedish Olympic Committee and GHP begin collaboration.
  • GHP part of exclusive collaboration with Skandia for the care of spine, shoulder and hip patients in Stockholm.


  • Merging of the clinics GHP Bariatric Center Stockholm and GHP Kirurgkliniken Stockholm into one unit.
  • Existing clinic in Helsinki expands into general surgery and gastroenterology.
  • GHP restructures business and reports its segments on a geographical basis.
  • Inauguration of the outpatient clinic at Garnisonen in Stockholm.


  • Daniel Öhman assumes position of CEO.
  • Launch of rehab clinic in Gothenburg, Ortho Center Rehab Göteborg.
  • Divestment of clinics in Prague and Bergen.
  • Agreement with Team Danmark to provide sports medicine and surgery.
  • Gastro Center Göteborg closed down.


  • Gildhøj Privathospital in Copenhagen, Denmark, taken over.
  • Launch of Gastro Center Göteborg.
  • Bariatric Center København closed down and Bodylift Center in Denmark divested.
  • Bariatric Center Cairo in Egypt divested.
  • Marianne Dicander Alexandersson assumes position of CEO.
  • Ortho Center Skåne opened in new premises in Malmö.
  • Acquisition of Odenplans Läkarhus through Stockholm Gastro Center.


  • Acquisition of OPA, Ortopædisk Privathospital Aarhus in Århus, Denmark, operative in the field of orthopaedics and spine surgery.
  • Acquisition of minority holding in Laastari Lähiklinikka.
  • Admira Kvinnohälsa, offering maternal health care, started in Lund.
  • Acquisition of Gildhøj Privathospital in Copenhagen, Denmark, operative in orthopaedics.


  • Official opening of Bariatrics Clinics in the Czech Republic, Skåne and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Restructuring and increased ownership of Spine Center Bergen.
  • Launch of Ortho Center Skåne and Gastro Center Skåne.
  • Launch of Bariatric Center Copenhagen in Denmark.
  • Acquisition of Stockholm Gastro Center.


  • Launch of Bariatric Centres in Norway, Egypt, Finland and the Czech Republic. Agreement and start-up work with diabetes and obesity clinic initiative in United Arab Emirates.
  • Closure of Concord Dental Implant Clinic in the UK.
  • Launch of a clinic in a new area, arrhythmia (irregular heart rhythm), Arrhythmia Center Stockholm.
  • Collaboration within Spine initiated with Schön Kliniken in Germany in respect of quality.


  • Acquisition of Oradent (Dental, Stockholm). Launch of Concord Dental Implant Clinic in the UK and Bariatric Center Skåne.
  • Shares re-listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.


  • Acquisition of Ortho Center Stockholm, Bariatric Center Stockholm, Ortho Center IFK Kliniken in Gothenburg and Specialistkliniken för implantat och käkkirurgi in Norrköping.
  • Launch of Spine Center Göteborg.

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